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compressorsArrow Compression Products

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Arrow's VRC-2 is a two-throw separable reciprocating gas compressor with a pressurized lubrication system, highly efficient Hoerbiger valves, industry proven accessories, innovative engineering design, and close attention to quality.

Arrow EnginesSingle & MultiCylinder Engines

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Arrow Engines are designed for continuous duty 24 hours a day, day after day. Arrow's heavy duty design features a heavy flywheel, a governor speed control, and a pressurized full-flow lubrication system to assure continuous operation.

Arrow chemical pumpsChemical Pumps & Solar Chem Pumps

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Arrow's Chemical Pumps field proven designs are available in all the variations of volume and power source you might need — from micro-quantities to hundreds of gallons per day, in beam operated, pneumatic, and electrically powered models.

Gas ProductsGas Products, Meter Runs, etc.

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Arrow Engine offers OEM manufactured ASME code vessels, separators, coalescers, process equipment, meter tubes, skid mounted meter runs, packaged measurement stations, and AGA gas measurement equipment.

ElectronicsArrow Electronics - Panels, Autostart

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Arrow electronics provide both cost effective and proven controls for engines and engine-driven equipment. Building on Arrow Engine’s tradition of excellence since 1955, Arrow electronics is combining the past with present, working to meet future electronics requirements for natural gas and oil field equipment.

Arrow Compressor PackagingArrow Compressor Packages

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The Arrow Gas Compressor Products division can provide unusually quick deliveries, and also has the capability of providing a completely packaged compressor unit.

Arrow Manufactured Replacement PartsArrow® Manufactured Replacement Parts

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Arrow Engine stocks a vast array of replacement parts for a wide variety of engines. We carry nearly every replacement part you need to keep your engine running longer and better. When your engine needs repair, ask for genuine Arrow replacement parts.

Winter Readiness
Autostart NS-2

NEW! A90 Irrigation Engines

A90 Natural Gas Irrigation Engine

Save money by switching from electric motors to Arrow’s power unit engines for your irrigation pumping needs. Although fuel trends are hard to predict, over time electric costs will always continue to rise. And, while growers may be able to take advantage of off-peak hours with electric, with an irrigation pumping engine you are not limited by time. Our engines are designed for continuous duty and will run for 24 hours per day for years.


Winter Readiness

Drain and flush your engine cooling system. A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water is sufficient. It is important that at least 40% water is mixed with the antifreeze. Always pre-mix the water and antifreeze mixture before adding to your engine. Using 100% antifreeze will cause your engine to overheat severely and seize the piston to the liner!


Arrow Engine Autostart NS-2

AutoStart NS-2 for all Arrow Engines

Our new AutoStart NS2 control panel is a simple, programmable system that is compatible with all Arrow Engines. Programs can be set for different cycles each day of the week as well as continuous monitoring of critical engine operating parameters and automatic shutdown. The AutoStart NS2 gives you everything you need to easily automate and monitor your oil field operations.

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Arrow engine company

Arrow C Series Engine on pump jack

Since 1955 Arrow has been building a reputation for providing quality equipment, parts, and accessories that are engineered to last. Arrow's product line includes engines, compressors, chemical pumps, generator sets, innovative electronics, and replacement parts to a variety of oilfield and industrial markets.


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