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Gemini 330-2-AI-46 Arrow Coils
OFK-1-E Oil Filter Element
ASP-1 Oil Filter
330-20-255 Spark Plug Wires
AES-43 Starter Button (990, 970)
20-P-7 Oil Gauge
X-3799 7,8,10" Handle Lever
110-452 Cover
110-469 Gasket
110-453 Spacer Ring
Kubota 330-2-AI-46 Arrow Coils
110-452 Cover
110-469 Gasket
110-453 Spacer Ring
MUF-1 Muffler
c-110-HP4 Clutch Assembly C-66
D1-16-2 Diaphragm
S2-13 Spring
A-110-DP-2 Dashpot Assembly
Most Impco parts that Arrow offers are for the Impco 110 carburetor.
Arrow VR 314-P-46 Fuel Pump Cover Plate & Gasket
AES-43 Starter Button (990,970)


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