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C-Series Troubleshooting


C-Series Engine Troubleshooting (continued)

Symptoms Causes Recommendations
Water in Crankcase Faulty breather system Remove and clean all breathers, replace any defective parts, replace breathers.
Bad cylinder liner gasket Replace
Cracked cylinder liner Replace
Blown head gasket Remove and replace
Cracked head Repair or replace cylinder head
Engine Dies Defect in fuel system Check fuel flow and pressure
Improper throttle action Adjust throttle linkage and governor
Defect in ignition system See "No Spark" Section
Low oil pressure See "Low Oil Pressure" Section
Low water level Fill to proper level. See "Engine Overheating" Section
Clutch Will Not Pull Clutch out of adjustment Adjust clutch to obtain a firm snap
Teeth broken off the pads Replace pads
Worn adjusting yoke Replace
Worn sliding sleeve assembly Replace
Worn collar assembly Replace
Broken throw-out yoke Replace
Worn drive ring Replace
Unable to Maintain Steady RPM Fuel pressure to rich Impco 110/210, 4-6 oz., 100/200, 2-4 oz. fuel pressure
Improper ignition timing See "Engine Fails to Start" Section
Improper throttle level adjustment Refer to your parts manual for proper adjustments
Improper governor rod adjustment Refer to your parts manual for proper adjustments
Defective gas regulator Repair or replace
Wrong governor spring Replace with proper governor spring. Red spring, C-46; White spring, C-66; Blue spring C-96
Blown or defective diaphragm Repair or replace
Worn governor Repair or replace governor
Improper volume tank size Proper tank needs to have 100 cubic inches of volume per horse power
Improper pumping unit balance Balance unit to manufacturers specs.
Worn or defective sparkplug Replace
Improper sparkplug gap Refer to you parts manual for proper adjustments
Defective ignition system See "No Spark" Section
Engine Knocks
Loose large flywheel Torque to 150 ft. lbs. (new style) 300 ft. lbs. (old style)
Loose small flywheel Re-torque to 200 ft. lbs
Worn connecting rod bearing Replace or re-shim the bearing
Worn piston pin bushings Replace
Worn piston Replace
Worn cylinder liner Replace
Improper fuel mixture See "Engine Not Producing Normal Power" Section
Worn crankshaft bearings Replace
Improper valve-to-rocker clearance Reset to .020 intake and exhaust
Worn valve lifters Replace
Improper engine timing Refer to your parts manual for proper adjustments


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