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Series 10

10-Series  Chemical Pumpseries 10 BEAM CHEMICAL PUMP

The Arrow Series 10 Beam Chemical Pump provides a reliable and versatile means of injecting chemicals under any operating conditions.

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Series 500

Series 500 Chemical Pump

Series 500 chemical Pump

The Arrow Series 500 chemical injectors, engineered to precision specifications, are positive displacement units with integral gas motors.

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Series 12 & 13

Series 12 Chemical Pump

Series 12 & 13 CHEMICAL PUMP

The Arrow Series 12 & 13 Gas-O-Matic Chemical Pumps operate on gas or air at a regulated supply pressure of 15 to 75 PSI.

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Series 510

510 Chemical Pump

Series 510 Chemical Injectors

The Arrow Series 510 Chemical Injectors, engineered to precise specifications, are single acting, positive displacement plunger-type pumps, powered by a diaphragm motor with a spring return.

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Series 430

Series 430 Chemical Pump

Series 430 chemical Pump

The Arrow Series 430 Chemical Injectors are electric motor driven, positive displacement pumps utilizing an integral worm gear drive available in three different standard ratios.

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SCP-1200 Solar

Solar Chemical Pump

SCP-1200 Solar Chemical Pumps

The Arrow SCP-1200 Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pump is powered by a 12VDC motor, but requires no external power source.

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