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Our C-Series line of engines encompasses models with hp from 5 to 75, and speed ranging from 300-800 rpm. The C-Series has been tested by time in the field for over 60 years and is a proven worker with incredible longevity and durability. We continue to refine the design to provide ever greater efficiency of operation and reduced emissions.

Arrow C-Series Engine in the oilfield

Single Cylinder, Belt Drive, Continuous Duty (Gas Powered)

Concrete filled or cast iron skid

Equipped with Arrow slow speed natural gas fueled engine with the following standard features:

  • Thermal siphon cooling system with radiator and cooling fan
  • Oil bath combustion air cleaner
  • Full flow lube oil filtration
  • Pressure lubrication throughout engine
  • Starfire ignition
  • Electrical engine speed governor (for AC units only)
  • Safety switches for low oil pressure, low lube oil, low coolant level
  • 12 volt electric ring gear starter
  • Amp meter
  • Reliable commercial external two bearing, brushless synchronous 60 hertz alternator available in either single-phase or three-phase (50 hertz on special order)
  • Remote, mounted electrical control panel including voltmeter, amp meter, frequency meter and fuse block for control circuit protection
  • Engine and alternator have V-belt and sheave drive connected together
  • Engine and alternator are mounted together on 9" concrete filled base

For other features not included as standard equipment, consult Arrow customer service.

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